Often asked: What Is A Medicare Educational Event?

Educational events are intended to inform people about Medicare and Medicare programs. This can include Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement and Part D plans. It cannot be plan specific or intended to steer or sell someone something.

Do Medicare agents need to report educational events?

Contact the Carrier For Details: These are contractors of CMS that pose as Medicare beneficiaries to make sure the agent is staying compliant during their events. Typically the plan sponsor (carrier) requires the agent to report an upcoming Educational Event or Marketing/Sales Event.

What type of Medicare events must be reported?

Terms in this set (26) What type of events must an agent report to UnitedHealthcare? Only the marketing/sales events, both formal and informal.

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What is a Medicare informal event?

There are two types of sales events: formal and informal. Here’s what sets them apart: Formal Sales Events: Agent presents plan-specific information to an audience invited to the occasion. Informal Sales Events: Agent offers plan info upon request only while at a table, booth, kiosk, or RV.

Do educational events need to be reported to United Healthcare?

According to CMS regulations and UnitedHealthcare policy, agents are prohibited from conducting a marketing/sales event immediately following an educational event. There must be at least one hour separating the conclusion of an educational events and the beginning of a marketing/sales event.

What materials can be displayed at a Medicare educational event?

Medicare Educational event rules: advertising You are allowed to advertise educational events through most of the usual methods such as flyers, newspapers, radio, email and direct mail. When marketing them it needs to say meetings will be for “educational” purposes.

During which type of educational event are agents allowed to discuss plan specific information?

Please note, sales and marketing events are intended to include discussion of plan specific information and/or collect enrollment applications. They are broken down into two categories: Formal sales events – Presenting plan specific information and benefits to an audience.

What is the definition of abuse in Medicare?

Abuse describes practices that may directly or indirectly result in unnecessary costs to the Medicare Program. Abuse includes any practice that does not provide patients with medically necessary services or meet professionally recognized standards of care.

What is bundling at a sales event?

Bundling is a marketing strategy where companies sell several products or services together as a single combined unit. The bundled products and services are usually related, but they can also consist of dissimilar items which appeal to one group of customers.

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What is a scope of appointment form for Medicare?

The Scope of Appointment is a federally required form used to document an appointment between an insurance agent and a Medicare beneficiary to ensure that no other types of products are discussed outside of what the beneficiary originally requested.

What are formal and informal events?

When you have a formal event, it’s usually connected to a ceremony. People come dressed in clothing that is formal with a certain protocol. Usually these types of events have a specific guest list. When you have an informal event, usually it doesn’t adhere to event protocols and a formal dress code.

What is a Medicare tabletop event?

What are Informal Sales or Tabletop Sales Event? Per the CMS definition – Marketing/sales events are events designed to steer, or attempt to steer, enrollees. or potential enrollees toward a plan or a limited set of plans.

Which of the following is considered by CMS to be a sales and marketing event?

What Does CMS Consider a Sales Event or Appointment? An activity will be considered a sales event or appointment if it is designed to persuade potential enrollees to choose a specific plan (or set of plans), according to CMS.

Is conducting an event that has been advertised as educational which activities are permitted at an educational event?

Which activities are permitted at an educational event? Displaying and distributing business cards and lead cards, scheduling one-on-one marketing appointments, and obtaining scope of appointment forms.

In what product should Agents enroll consumers?

In what product should agents enroll consumers? A product that is sutable for the consumer’s needs, goals and financial resources.

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Which of the following materials may be displayed distributed or provided to consumers attending an educational event?

Lead cards, business reply cards, scope of appointment forms, and agent business cards may be displayed and distributed at educational events (provided they do not contain any plan related content) and at marketing/sales events.

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