Question: Who Owns Educational Development Corporation?

Board of Directors

Randall W. White Chairman, President, CEO Treasurer Educational Development Corp.
Joshua J Peters Director Educational Development Corp.
John A. Clerico Independent Director Community Health Systems, Inc., Educational Development Corp., Chartmark Investments, Inc.


What does Educational Development Corporation do?

Educational Development Corporation is the exclusive trade publisher of a line of children’s books produced in the United Kingdom by Usborne Publishing Limited. The Company distributes these books through independent consultants who hold book showings.

What is the company educational development?

EDC is a publishing company specializing in books for children. We are the American co-publisher of the UK-based Usborne Books and we own Kane Miller, which publishes children’s literature from around the world. EDC’s current catalog contains over 2,000 titles, with new additions semi-annually.

Is flashlight Press legit?

Flashlight Press focuses on publishing illustrated children’s books. Their books are a lot of fun to read and very well illustrated. They receive a lot of good reviews and are pretty widely available, even outside on the United States.

Is flashlight press a vanity publisher?

Flashlight Press Flashlight is an award winning publisher of illustrated children’s books. They only publish 2-4 books every year, so they are very selective. Their books are beautifully illustrated, and also receive good distribution internationally and nationally. Read the full review here.

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