Quick Answer: How To Apply Ableton Educational Discount?

Check your eligibility. Buy your Ableton product at the discounted price from your local music store or the Ableton web shop. Verify your educational status (to show us that you really are a student or teacher) Install and authorize your software.

How do I authorize Ableton education?

To verify your status, you can upload one of the following items in your Ableton.com account after purchasing an EDU license:

  1. a valid student ID with expiration date or current term clearly displayed.
  2. a school transcript or enrollment letter.
  3. a teacher’s work ID with a current term shown.

Does Ableton have student discounts?

Ableton offers up to 40% off its tools for students and educators. Ableton states you are eligible for an educational discount if you are: a student currently enrolled in full-time educational studies, up to advanced degree programs and 18 years old or of legal age in your country of residence.

Is Ableton Live free for students?

Free Ableton Live Intro licenses are available to schools, charities and youth clubs teaching music to students primarily under the age of 19. The licenses come with all the features of Live Intro, and have no time limits.

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Can I upgrade Ableton with student discount?

We do not offer educational discounts on upgrades or add-on products, however, we provide an educational discount of 40% on new licenses of Live 11 Standard or Suite. You can upgrade educational versions of Live (and extend it with add-on products) at standard pricing.

Does Ableton have discounts?

Ableton only goes on sale site-wide or through coordinated sales with third party retailers. Ableton does not have discount codes available.

Can you pirate Ableton Live?

Piracy is illegal. Ableton is a great software. It deserves to be earned & not downloaded through torrents.

What does Ableton require for student discount?

All you need is a computer, some headphones, and a copy of Ableton Live 10 Suite installed. As a 343 Labs student you are entitled to a 40% discount on an Ableton Live license. If you prefer to try out Live before buying, you can download a free 30-day demo HERE.

Is Ableton Live educational Version difference?

An educational version of Live is exactly the same in terms of features and functionalities as a regular license. The one trade-off is that the license can only be sold/tranferred to students or teachers who meet the eligibility requirements for educational purchases.

How long does education verification take Ableton?

The verification process usually takes one business day to complete; after you will receive a confirmation email and your license will be activated and ready to authorize. Note: The software won’t run properly until you’ve verified your educational status.

Is Ableton Intro free?

The license comes for free with some MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, apps, and more. Instead of purchasing an Ableton Live Intro, you can spend that money on a MIDI controller, audio interface, app, or anything that comes with a free license of Ableton Live Lite.

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Is Ableton a one time purchase?

It is paid fully upfront or through a 6-month installment. Your choice of version will determine the price. Ableton Intro costs $99 (/$16.5 for 6 months), Ableton Standard costs $449 (/$74.83 for 6 months), Ableton Suit costs $749 (/$124.83 for 6 months).

Does Ableton Live Education expire?

Our educational products have no functional restrictions, and you are free to us them as you wish, including for profit. You are perfectly free to upgrade to Live 8 once you cease to be a student.

Will live 11 be a free upgrade?

Live 11 Lite is a free upgrade for current Live Lite owners, and includes some of the features added to the full version of Live 11 including support for MPE-compatible hardware like ROLI devices, three new devices – Phaser-Flanger, Limiter and Saturator – and can now host up to 16 scenes in Session View.

Is Ableton Live 11 upgrade free?

Free Live 11 Lite Upgrade for Lite Customers The latest version of Ableton Live 11 Lite is out now. Live Lite is included in the purchase of a wide range of hardware products. Owners of any previous version of Live Lite can upgrade for free.

Is Ableton Live 11 worth it?

For those of you who are already using Live and looking to upgrade, it’s a no-brainer. The additions are well worth the money, and I doubt you wouldn’t find something extremely useful here. if you already own an earlier version, then you’ll have a specific discount in your account for the upgrade.

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