Readers ask: What Should I Write For Educational Qualification In India Visa Application?

Educational Qualification: Applicants must select their education level from the options provided:

  • Below Matriculation, when the applicant has not studied beyond 10th grade.
  • Graduate, when the applicant has a university or college level education.
  • Higher secondary, when the applicant has high school education.

What is education qualification in passport application?

In general, if you have passed 10th class/grade (Matriculation or Higher Educational Pass Certificate) or have higher degree then your passport falls under Non-ECR Category. Professional degree holders such as Engineers, Doctors, CA, etc., their spouses and children.

What all comes under educational qualification?

Educational qualifications are the degrees, diplomas, certificates, professional titles and so forth that an individual has acquired whether by full-time study, part-time study or private study, whether conferred in the home country or abroad, and whether conferred by educational authorities, special examining bodies

What is designation on Indian visa application?

Indian Employment Visa: Professional Qualification of the applicant, Name and address of the company/employer in India, Designation/Post (position) the applicant will take in India and salary to be paid in India.

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How can I write educational qualification in India?

Please see the list below and select the option that best describes your education level:

  1. Below Matriculation: You stopped before 10th grade.
  2. Graduate: You hold a college degree.
  3. Higher Secondary: You graduated high school.
  4. Illiterate: You never attended school.
  5. Matriculation: You finished 10th grade in high school.

How do I write a letter of qualification upgrade?

Please help me. Sir, Most humbly and respectfully I beg to state that I want upgrade my qualification in servicebook that is for class 12th and bachelor of science. It is hope you will give the best consideration to my request.

Is 10th Marksheet necessary for passport?

School leaving /Matriculation/ Transfer Certificate – The applicant can use either the college/university transfer certificate, school leaving certificate or the matriculation certificate to fulfil the requirement for proof of D.O.B. provided the certificate contains the D.O.B. of the applicant.

What is the difference between ECR and non-ECR passport?

If you have an ECR category passport, you will have to go through an emigration check if you plan to travel to certain countries for work. This generally applies to jobs for unskilled workers. If you have a Non-ECR category passport, you will not need to undergo the Emigration Check.

What is ECR?

ECR ( Emigration Check Required ) Passports are required by Indians who wish to travel to certain countries for employment. As per the Emigration Act of 1983, certain passport holders will have to procure an Emigration Clearance from the office of POE or Protector of Emigrants prior to travelling to certain countries.

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How do you say your educational qualification?

Follow these steps to answer questions the interviewer asks about your education:

  1. Start with your most recent formal education experience. Your resume most likely includes your most recent formal education level.
  2. Describe any additional experience relevant to the position.
  3. Finish with what you do to continue to learn.

What is educational qualification example?

Educational Qualifications generally include details of your schooling and college level education along with any other achievements or accolades that you have received in the field of academics. You can also choose to include any projects or courses that you have completed that are related to the job you’re seeking.

What is educational qualification PDF?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) is a program designed to prepare graduates of the university to become efficient teachers in primary, secondary school and higher institutions. The course is meant to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in order to teach specific subjects in school.

Can I enter India with student visa?

Passengers having valid Student visa can enter India from any desired port of immigration check post (Airport, Seaport).

What documents do I need for Indian visa?

India Visa Documents

  • Application form: You must complete online visa application form.
  • Photograph: One photograph, to be pasted on the application form.
  • Proof of address.
  • Passport:
  • Shipping Arrangements.
  • Fees.
  • Persons of Indian Origin, if applicable:
  • For minors only (Under 18)

What does designation mean in India?

designation definition: 1. an official title or name: 2.

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