What Can You Do With An Educational Studies Degree?

Career Options in Educational Studies

  • Academic/Career Advisor.
  • Archivist.
  • Author.
  • Child Development Specialist.
  • Children’s Rights Advocate.
  • Community Educator.
  • Corporate Trainer.
  • E-Learning Consultant.

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in educational studies?

Our students progress into a wide range of careers, including work as education and social policy advisors, human rights, government, youth work, international development, human resources, school and FE teaching, and further academic study in specialist subjects across the social sciences.

Can you teach with an educational studies degree?

While Educational Studies does not earn you a teaching certification, you may choose to pursue a full teaching degree later in life that will allow you to teach in public schools, as well as charter and religious schools.

What is the highest paying job in education?

Top 10 Highest Paying Careers in Education

  1. Superintendent.
  2. School Principal/Assistant Principal.
  3. University/College Administrator.
  4. Professor.
  5. Instructional Coordinator.
  6. High School Teachers.
  7. Special Education Teachers.
  8. Middle School Teachers.

What is a BS in Educational Studies?

The Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Studies is a completer program designed for those who wish to work in education, health and human services settings.

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Who is the richest teacher in the world?

Dan Jewett Just Became the World’s Richest Teacher (and We’re Only a Little Jealous) One of the world’s richest women just married a science teacher. The new marriage of MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Dan Jewett was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Which degree is the highest in education?

A doctorate is the highest level of formal education available. Doctoral programs include coursework, comprehensive exams, research requirements, and a dissertation. Doctoral programs require students to have a master’s degree, although some doctorates incorporate a master’s as part of the curriculum. 5

What is a BAE degree?

Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.E.) Degree.

What are 5 careers in education?

Explore 5 Growing Careers in Education

  • Postsecondary Teacher. Postsecondary (higher education) teacher positions range from graduate student teachers and assistant professors to associate professors and professors.
  • Postsecondary Education Administrator.
  • Curriculum Developer.
  • School Counselor.
  • Special Education Teacher.

Can you make 6 figures as a teacher?

Yes, it’s true. Teachers who’ve been on the job for several years can earn six figures in many states. Sure, teaching isn’t the highest paying gig out there, with a median salary of $57,949 ($3,000 below other professions that require a BA degree). Some teachers, however, can garner paychecks of $100,000 or more.

What can I do with a teaching degree if I don’t want to teach?

Here are some examples of alternative careers for teachers who want to stay in education but leave the classroom:

  • School Guidance Counselor. Counseling is a natural choice for a lot of former teachers.
  • School Administrator.
  • Instructional Coordinator.
  • Educational Consultant.
  • Librarian.
  • College or University Academic Advisor.
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How much do education majors make?

Here are some examples of jobs, salaries, and outlook should you decide to earn a Bachelor’s in Education Studies from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or Payscale. As you peruse these jobs, the average salary range is about $35,000 to $60,000.

Which education field is best?

Below are 15 of the highest-paying jobs you can find in education.

  1. Library technician. National average salary: $16.12 per hour.
  2. Special education teacher.
  3. Elementary school teacher.
  4. English as a second language teacher.
  5. Health educator.
  6. High school teacher.
  7. Guidance counselor.
  8. Learning and development coordinator.

Is education degree a BA or BS?

It may seem confusing that some education programs offer a bachelor of arts (BA), while others offer a bachelor of science (BS). Some differences exist between the two degrees; a BA provides training in liberal arts, while a BS orients more toward sciences.

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